The AOOA Board is comprised of officers, committee chairs, district and SAA presients and representatives, and our advisor, the President-Elect of the Ohio Osteopathic Association.
We meet five times a year - a spring and a fall meeting, and three meetings at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium.
We also send delegates to the national convention every year, where they attend the House of Delegates meeting and represent Ohio's members when voting on issues and changes on the national level.

Convention Meetings

We hold our convention meetings at the annual Ohio Osteopathic Symposium, which takes place in April or May of each year.   The meetings for the upcoming convention will be held:
  • Pre-Convention Meeting  - Thursday, April 21
  • General Meeting - Friday, April 22
                   AOOA board members, other AOOA members from across the state, prospective
      members, a visitor from the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association,
      and visitors from the American and Ohio Osteopahic Associations meet to share
      information about what each organization has done the past year and plans to do
      the following year.  AOOA members also elect officers for the following year
      (June - May).
  • Post Convention Meeting - Saturday, April 23
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